Spider Eyes

Level: Medium

Spook up your look! In this project Get Arty artist, Rhyah, shows us how to create Spider eyes.

Click here for a PDF of this project. 

What you need:

  • Purple eye shadow
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Snazaroo Face Paint (black)
  • Snazaroo Body Glitter
  • Snazaroo Face & Body Brush
  • Jasart Paint brush
  • Highlight powder
  • Water

What you do:

  • With the eyeshadow brush get some purple eyeshadow on the brush and place all over the eye lid and up to the eyebrow.
  • With the same brush take a different colour purple and place it on the face in a triangle position around the eye towards the hairline.
  • Tip: You can use different shades of purple to get dimension.
  • With the powder brush place highlight all over the purple area.
  • Time for the spider web. Taking a paint brush dip it in some water then the black face paint, making sure you have a good amount on the brush. Starting in the inner corner of the eye make 4 lines going towards the hairline all from that starting point.
  • With the black face paint, connect the lines together creating the web. Use semi-circle motions in lines opposite to the other one.
  • Time to draw the Spider, using your paintbrush draw the body of the spider first which is a circle, almost the size of a grape, and then you want to draw a slightly smaller circle for its top half. Draw on the spider legs, four on each side.
  • Finish it off with a bit of body glitter to have a sparkling effect.


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