Educraft Solar System

Level: Easy

Level: Easy

Impress your class mates with this easy-to-make

DIY Solar System!

Download this PDF to print out instructions.

What you need:

 What you do:

1. Locate the largest polystyrene ball in the EDUcraft Polystyrene pack of 50 and keep aside, this will become the sun.

2. Choose a further 9 polystyrene balls ensuring that you choose a variety of sizes to become the planets.

3. Paint each planet a different colour including covering the sun. Build texture by layering the paints and colours. Reference the colours for each planet that we have used [starting closest to the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto].

4. Allow paint to dry.

5. Gently trace a circle onto the red foam sheet using Saturn as a guide. Cut the hole. Mark out 1cm thickness around the circumference and cut. This will be your ring around Saturn. Ask Mum or Dad for help when using scissors.

6. Once the paint is dry push a wooden dowel gently into each planet. Join each planet to the sun in sequential order. Ask Mum or Dad to help join all the pieces together.

7. Use glue to adhere foam to wooden dowel and fix around Saturn.

Note: Use Elmer’s PVA School Glue to secure all the planets onto the wooden dowels for extra strength.