Embrace your creativity with Snazaroo face & body paint for all of your festivities!

Take inspiration from face and body-painting artist Lainie Cann who ‘loves the vibrancy and the spectrum of colours available in the Snazaroo range. Your body is the perfect canvas to transform yourself into a work of art’.

Snazaroo is so easy to use that you’ll be able to re-create characters, imagery and even design your own looks. It is also hypo allergenic, non-toxic and long lasting so that you can celebrate in style!

Eckersley's Art & Craft store is the destination for all Snazaroo face & body painting needs, no matter what the celebration! Visit your local store or our Eckersley’s Online Store to purchase Snazaroo products today!


What inspires artist Lainie Cann?

Having practiced art for over 20 years, Lainie Cann has experience in a variety of creative fields such as fine art, theatrical prop making, puppetry, scenic art, sculpture and of course body and face painting. ‘I enjoy exploring other forms of creative expression too, for example through dance and singing and am reminded by what comes up through these processes how one informs another and that this is a natural interlinking and flow. In the past few years I have found a wonderful way to extend and combine my art practice with my love of working with the human form, combining these passions into body-painting and face-painting’.

Lainie gains inspiration from nature, shapes, forms, textures and colours and enjoys transposing finer details onto the body. ‘With face and body-painting it’s such an enjoyable art form as every face and body is different and unique. Often the body will act as my guide, as I follow the undulations, shapes and forms presented to me’.

‘I love the vibrancy of colour and find inspiration in the spectrum of colours available from Snazaroo. Sometimes I am after a certain colour for a particular project, and other times I will see a colour I love and think of how I could use that in future works. Snazaroo paints have a great consistency, and once activated with water they are applied easily with great coverage.

There are a few basic techniques using brush and sponge that really create a great effect! I like to extend the paint through into the hair to give great visual impact, Snazaroo paints and accessories give me fabulous results.’

‘The body is such a wonderful canvas to work with, and the models always enjoy being painted too!’


* Snazaroo range may vary from store to store. Number of faces painted per 18ml pot differs depending on face coverage with each use.
To contact Lainie Cann, please email: