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Archival Odourless Fast Evaporating Solvents

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Archival Fast Evaporating Odourless Solvent is for use with oil paints. It dries quickly and allows you to dilute oil colour and clean brushes. Low toxicity and odourless - ideal for home or shared studios.

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Archival Fast Evaporating Odourless Solvents are for use with oil paints. They are formulated for artists who are sensitive to the odours of traditional oil mediums and solvents. The low toxicity formula gives off very few vapours, making them ideal to be used in your home studio or in a shared studio space. Despite this, they should still be used in a well ventilated area.

Use Archival Fast Evaporating Odourless Solvents to thin and quickly apply oil colour. The low toxicity and odour-free formula make it a safer alternative to a gum or mineral turpentine. lt is also dries 16 times faster than the original Archival Odourless Solvent (dry in approximately 1 hour compared to up to 24 hours).

Oil paints diluted with Archival Fast Evaporating Odourless Solvent will rapidly dry and remain slightly tacky as soon as the solvent evaporates. Due to the fast-drying time it is not suitable for “oiling out” (a painting technique to give dull dried paint a new lease of life by rubbing a little linseed oil or clear painting medium over the paint area).

Archival Fast Evaporating Odourless Solvents can also be used to clean your brushes.Always use a glass jar when using solvents. When cleaning brushes allow your solvent to sit in a glass jar overnight and carefully pour the clean solvent off the top into another jar. This solvent can be reused. Allow the remaining paint sludge to dry completely and place it in a plastic bag and dispose of in your bin.

More Information
Application Oil Painting
Medium Type Fluid Medium
Product Type Bottle