Discover our comprehensive range of drawing accessories, designed to meet the needs of artists at every level. Whether you're a beginner exploring your creative potential or a seasoned professional, our selection of top-quality drawing supplies will help you achieve your artistic goals. With products from leading brands including Copic, Derwent, Prismacolor, Jasart and STAEDTLER, we ensure that you have access to the best materials for your drawing projects.


Essential Drawing Accessories

Pencils: Graphite pencils come in a range of hardness levels, from soft (B) to hard (H), allowing for a variety of shading and detailing techniques. Coloured pencils offer vibrant hues for adding life to your sketches.

Erasers: Different types of erasers serve various purposes. Kneaded erasers are perfect for lightening areas and creating highlights, while vinyl erasers provide clean, precise removal of marks.

Paper and Sketchbooks: Choose high-quality drawing paper or sketchbooks with varying textures and weights to suit your preferred drawing medium, whether it's graphite, charcoal, or ink.

Sharpeners: Keep your pencils sharp with durable, reliable sharpeners. Electric, manual, and handheld options ensure your tools are always ready for precision work.

Blending Tools: Blending stumps and tortillons help achieve smooth transitions and gradients, essential for realistic shading and textures.

Rulers and Compasses: For precise lines and geometric shapes, high-quality rulers and compasses are indispensable tools in any artist's kit.

Charcoal and Pastels: These versatile mediums offer rich, deep tones and are perfect for adding texture and depth to your drawings.

Markers and Pens: Fine liners, brush pens, and markers are great for adding details, outlines, and vibrant colours to your artwork.

Fixatives: Use fixative sprays to protect your finished drawings from smudging and fading, ensuring your artwork remains pristine.


Tips for Choosing the Right Drawing Accessories

Understand Your Medium: Choose accessories that complement the medium you work with most frequently, whether it's graphite, charcoal, ink, or pastels.

Quality Over Quantity: Invest in high-quality tools that provide better results and durability, rather than a large quantity of lower-quality items.

Comfort and Ergonomics: Select tools that are comfortable to use, as this will enhance your drawing experience and allow for longer, more enjoyable sessions.

Paper Compatibility: Ensure your chosen paper is compatible with your drawing medium to achieve the best texture, blending, and detail.

Portability: If you like to draw on the go, consider portable accessories like compact sketchbooks, travel-friendly pencil sets, and lightweight blending tools.


Your One-Stop Shop for Drawing Accessories

Explore our curated collection of drawing accessories and find everything you need to enhance your creative process. From pencils and erasers to high-quality paper and precision tools, our range of products ensures you have the best materials at your fingertips. Shop now and elevate your drawing experience with our premium drawing accessories, perfect for artists of all levels. If you need further guidance or you want to check out our range of drawing accessories, come and see our friendly staff in store. Many of our staff are artists themselves and they are always happy to share their expert knowledge.

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