Drawing Pads

When your creativity starts flowing, the last thing you want is to run out of space for your ideas. A drawing pad or sketch pad can be your personal space for doodling, designing, or scratching down rough drafts while sipping coffee – always ready for that next burst of inspiration. 

Whether you’re an experienced illustrator or a hobbyist sitting in the park scrawling on your sketch pad, we stock a wide selection to suit your style and experience level.

What is a drawing pad?

Far from just a bundle of sheets, a drawing pad is designed to be a portable, quality surface to put down your ideas. They’re specifically made to complement most drawing mediums, like pencil, charcoal, or ink. The weight and texture of the paper make for greater control over your lines and shading for creating detailed illustrations or even just practising new techniques.

What sets a drawing pad apart is how it responds to the unique requirements of different mediums. They’ll keep ink from feathering, minimise the potential for pencils or pastels to smudge unintentionally, and absorb mixed media more effectively, allowing for layering without warping the paper. 

What is a sketch pad?

Usually designed and intended for casual doodles and first-draft sketching sessions. The paper's light weight makes them particularly easy to carry around, and the smooth surface has just enough grain to allow for both precise marks and easy fix-ups, making it perfect to quickly jot ideas down and rough conceptualisation.

Art and craft essentials for a drawing pad or sketch pad.

Pencils and graphite

A good set of drawing pencils is a must. These range in hardness from soft (B) to hard (H), allowing you to create varying line weights and tones. Graphite sticks can also be handy for covering larger areas and applying a different texture to your work.

Charcoal and pastels

Charcoal sticks or pencils offer a deep black line that's perfect for dramatic compositions. Soft pastels, both in pencil and stick form, offer a burst of colour and blend beautifully on the page.


Mistakes happen; some might call them happy little accidents. But when you want that accident gone, a high-quality eraser is handy for correcting errors or lightening lines. Kneadable erasers are particularly useful as they can be shaped to erase small areas without affecting the surrounding work. 

Blending tools

Blending stumps aren't about removal; they're about finesse. Seamlessly merge lines and shades. They work by pushing the medium into the paper rather than lifting it off, making your shades and lines look naturally blended.

Rulers and shape templates

For those who like precise lines, a ruler is a must-have. They're an essential tool for those working on architectural or technical drawings. Shape templates can help you draw geometric forms accurately, which is especially useful when you need consistency across multiple shapes in your artwork.

Ink and pens

When it comes to adding crispness and detail on a drawing pad, fineliner pens and inks with different nib sizes are your go-to choices. The texture and weight of quality drawing pad paper are designed to hold ink well, minimising feathering and maximising precision for intricate work. 

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