Cardmaking is an age-old art form that allows people to explore their creativity through a variety of techniques and materials. Card stock, scrapbook paper, and poster board are used for crafting cards fit for any purpose, with embellishments such as ribbons, sequins, or buttons available. There are also decorative options like embossing or die cutting at one's disposal.

What are cards used for in crafting?

Crafting cards is a great way to express creativity! With an array of materials—ranging from construction paper and cardstock to felt or ribbon - you can choose which ones make the most impactful statements. Add some sparkle with adhesive rhinestones and fun stamps for added depth. Let your creative juices flow as you create unique, handmade cards that will showcase any occasion: birthdays, holidays, or just-because moments!

Types of cards used in art and craft projects

  • Card stock: a heavy-weight paper with a glossy finish, that comes in different colours and sizes
  • Scrapbook paper: thinner than cardstock, found in decorative designs such as patterned papers or specialty papers like vellum
  • Poster board: cut down to any size, perfect for larger projects
  • Specialty cards: metallic or holographic cards are perfect for fancier projects needing more embellishments

Decorative techniques for creating unique cards

  • Try using rubber stamping for beautiful, custom designs.
  • Use heat embossing to create dimensional designs with shimmer and shine.
  • Experiment with quilling, die cutting and paper folding techniques to create interesting shapes.
  • Add pop-up elements to the inside of your cards for a 3D effect.
  • Use watercolours or coloured pencils to create a vibrant background.

Creative ways to use embellishments with your card art

  • Add ribbon, buttons, or lace to your cards for a unique touch.
  • Glue on fabric or felt shapes to create interesting textures.
  • Embellish the card with tiny beads, glitter and sequins.
  • Try using paper punches to make custom shapes.
  • Utilise dimensional elements like foam adhesive or 3D stickers for additional visual interest.

Tips on creating custom cards for any occasion

  • Brainstorm ideas for the design and theme of your custom card.
  • Gather all materials you need like cardstock, paper, adhesives and embellishments.
  • Use a straight edge and scissors for cutting; punches, dies and embossing folders can also be used to create different effects.
  • Adhere the cutouts to the cards using foam adhesive or glue dots.
  • Embellish with ribbons, rhinestones or other decorations.
  • Write out your message on the inside of the card.
  • Add any final touches to finish off your custom creation!
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