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Whatever size or type of canvas you’re working on, Eckersley’s has a free standing, portable, studio or table top easel to suit. Our free standing easel styles include sketch box, studio, display, lyre, field, dorset, sketching and children’s, while our table top styles include storage box, Cambridge, tavola, Arun, Tay and children’s. 

Eckersley’s easels are of the highest quality, from trusted brands such as Winsor & Newton, Mabef, Reeves and Jasart. Each easel is unique, so before you make an investment, consider what medium you’re working with, where you’ll be working, how much space you have and your particular painting style.

Eckersley’s have been supplying quality easels for more than fifty years, and we recognise the importance of choosing the right easel for the application and the artist. To see all that we offer, you can browse our range online or drop into one of our stores and have a talk to our team about which easel might best suit your needs.

Or if you want an easel for temporary use, to try before you buy, or if you are organising an exhibition or presentation requiring easels, we also offer an easel hire service, so contact your nearest Eckersley’s store for details.