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The old art of printmaking has come back in a big way, and today there are a number of printmaking techniques for artists of all ages and abilities to try. With etching, engraving, monotyping, lithography, screen printing, block printing, transfer and digital print, there’s so much artistic fun to be had.

Eckersley’s offers a range of materials to make printmaking projects easy. We work with brands like Derivan, EC, Essdee, Ezy Carve, Micador, Speedball and Ex-Press It to ensure your project is a success every time. Visit the Eckersley’s Art & Craft store with experimentation in mind and discover lino rollers, block printing inks, foam boards, printing plates, carving tools, speedballs, etching ink, etching needles, Eziscreen kits, photo emulsion and more.

Eckersley’s is a brand that’s built on trust. We offer art, craft, design, kids-specific, copic, education kits, videos, project ideas, gift vouchers and more. Not only this, but we provide great service, good prices, fast delivery and excellent advice which is the secret behind our 50 years of being one of Australia’s leading art and craft supply stores. Come visit us in your nearest Eckersley’s Art & Craft store, or browse our extensive range of printmaking supplies, materials and more through our online store.