Art Spectrum Oil Primer

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Art Spectrum Oil Primer is a unique oil/acrylic resin blend for preparing surfaces prior to oil painting. Suitable for canvas and board.

Art Spectrum Oil Primer is a unique and complex formula that helps artists prepare surfaces for oil painting. This Oil Primer contains pure linseed oil that chemically bonds to artists’ oil paints, providing permanent adhesion and maximum flexibility.

Due to the oil content in Art Spectrum Oil Primer, it hardens gradually, minimising the risk of stress cracking of oil paints applied on top. This primer gives controlled absorbency, maintaining the natural glow of paints used.

Art Spectrum Oil Primer will not yellow or colour over time and doesn’t produce strong odours like some other oil primers can. Using this primer will provide a good tooth on your surface for oil paints and colour, resulting in colours not sinking in or dulling upon drying.

To apply:

  • Shake or stir primer well prior to use.
  • Use undiluted. For the application of first coat, primer may be thinned with up to 15% water. The final coat should be applied undiluted, and two coats are recommended.
  • Apply using a brush, roller, or sponge directly onto your canvas or wood panel. This primer is ideally suited to wood panels.
  • Touch dry in roughly 1 hour, so a second coat may be applied within the same day. It is recommended to wait 24 hours after applying the final coat before oil painting, or once the water has evaporated from the priming system.
  • No glue or clear acrylic sizing is required for this Art Spectrum Oil Primer.
More Information
Use With Oil
Application Oil Painting
Size 500ml
Medium Type Surface Preparation
Product Type Bottle
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