Artlogic Airbrush Cleaning Brushes

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The Artlogic Airbrush Cleaning Brushes are used to clean airbrushes, spray guns, and more. They are a must have accessory for all airbrush enthusiasts and artists. Set includes 5 brushes.

The Artlogic Airbrush Cleaning Brushes are the perfect tool for cleaning and maintaining any airbrush system and are a must-have for any airbrush artist! These brushes are constructed from twisted wire handles with durable nylon bristles, making them easy to use and ensuring a thorough clean.

The handles of the Artlogic Airbrush Cleaning Brushes measure 105mm long and the bristles are 30mm, with all brushes set on a key ring for quick and easy storage. Clean the brushes using soap and water and let them air dry before re-using.

The Artlogic Airbrush Cleaning brushes will help you clean paint off hard-to-reach parts of your airbrush with ease!

Set contains 5 brushes with the following diameters: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm.

More Information
Application Airbrushing
Pack Size Set 5
Product Type Brush
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