Atelier Pouring Mediums

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Ateiler Pouring Medium is used with acrylic based paints to thin paint down and make it more fluid. Use for extreme fluid effects and pouring techniques. Self-levelling. Dries to a gloss finish.

Ateiler Pouring Medium is used for extreme fluid effects and pouring techniques with acrylic based paints. It helps to thin the paint, making it more fluid without compromising the paints strength, vibrancy and transparency.

Ateiler Pouring Medium is self-levelling and dries to a gloss finish.The addition of a few drops of silicon oil into an acrylic paint and pouring medium mixture will promote cell formulation in you artwork. Use a slow folding action in the mixture and allow to stand for a minute to allow any air bubbles to rise to the top. Texture mediums can also be added either to your mixture before pouring or added onto the painting surface. Its all about experimenting and expressing yourself creatively.

More Information
Use With Acrylic
Application Painting, Acrylic Pouring
Medium Type Fluid Medium
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