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Chromacryl Gesso helps prepare your surface for painting with acrylics or oil. Use straight from the tub, or dilute with water for a smoother finish.

Chromacryl Gesso is a useful tool for priming your canvas or chosen surface, ready for painting. The gesso seals the surface and prevents moisture loss through absorption which can make acrylic paints dry too quickly and leave them looking flat. By priming your canvas prior to painting with Chromacryl Gesso, you can give your artworks the best surface to start from!

Chromacryl Gesso is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces including canvas, cardboard, illustration board, paper, and more. This gesso has excellent covering power and provides a smooth, even finish with a very fine tooth for your surface. This gesso is suitable for both acrylic and oil paintings.

This gesso is a high viscosity formulation, so it has the added benefit of providing texture for your artworks when used straight from the tub. Alternatively, you can add water to thin the gesso and provide a smoother and more even finish. It’s recommended to use 2 coats of gesso in the preparation of your surface.

More Information
Use With Acrylic, Oil
Application Painting
Medium Type Surface Preparation
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