Tape can be used for a variety of art and craft projects. It can adhere to paper and other lightweight materials, make precise lines or geometric shapes with painter's tape, create unique textures and patterns with masking tape, make wall decals, repair, mount, and hang items securely with speciality tapes, and much more.

What types of tape are used in art?

Artists use a variety of media to create works of art. Masking tape, washi tape, and painter's tape are some of the most popular options, as they are easy to remove without damaging surfaces or leaving behind residue. Washi tape is often used for decorative elements, while painters' tape can be used to create precise lines and shapes in painting projects.

What else can I use for tape?

Tape can also be used to make labels, secure items in place, protect surfaces during painting projects, waterproof items, reinforce items that are prone to wear and tear, bind books, and more.

What can you use adhesive tape for?

Adhesive tape can be used for a variety of applications, including attaching paper or fabric to surfaces, sealing boxes and other containers, temporarily securing items together, and even mending broken items. It is also commonly used in craft projects such as making scrapbooks or model figures.

What material does the tape not stick to?

Adhesive tape isn't for every surface! Its inability to bond with highly textured surfaces, materials containing natural oils such as leather or plastic, and painted walls means you'll need another solution when tackling these projects.

What else can Scotch tape be used for?

Scotch tape has been a go-to choice for many, due to its reliable adhesive qualities and versatility. Whether it's needed in the workplace or for home crafting projects, this popular brand of tape can be used as an effective tool - from securing envelopes to hanging décor around your space!

Why do artists use tape?

Artists use tape to create precise and neat lines, define shapes, and block off certain areas when creating a piece of art. Tape is also used in crafts projects and mixed media artwork as it is easy to remove without damaging the surface. In addition, many artists like to use masking tape or washi tape for decorative purposes and as a way to add creative elements to their work.

What is the best tape to use?

Adhesive tape is the go-to for all types of applications - from sealing packages to mounting pictures, its versatility makes it a great choice. No matter what job you have on hand, adhesive tape can provide an ideal solution. Masking tape is good for covering surfaces before painting or labelling items. Duct tape provides strong adhesion and is often used in industrial settings or tough outdoor environments.

What are the tips when using tape?

Here are some tips when using tape:


  1. Clean the surface of the object you want to tape before applying the tape. This will ensure better adhesion and a longer-lasting hold for your tape.
  2. Cut your tape with scissors instead of tearing it in order to get a cleaner edge.
  3. Always press down firmly on the edges of the tape when applying it to ensure a secure seal.
  4. Keep spare rolls of different types of tapes on hand so that you can choose one depending on the job or project at hand.
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