Craftworkz Stencil Sponge Brush

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Craftworkz Stencil Sponge Brush is the ideal tool to get perfect stencil designs every time!

Craftworkz Stencil Sponge Brush is a fun way to get creative, helping you stamp paint over stencils and bring designs to life! These sponge brushes feature a wooden handle with a yellow rounded sponge and flat face., making them easy to use with your stencilling.

The soft sponge head is ideal for picking up and holding acrylic paint while you work, allowing you to stamp the paint over your stencil easily! The sponge brush also uses up less paint than a bristle brush while still providing great coverage for stencil designs.

After use, the sponge brushes can easily be washed with soap and water (when using water-based paints & mediums).

Craftworkz Stencil Sponge Brush is available in various sizes, so you can choose the brush that best suits the surface or stencil size you are working on!

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Application Painting, Craft
Product Type Brush
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