Derivan Cracking Medium Waterbased

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Derivan Cracking Medium Water based lets you produce works with a weathered and old country farm feel.

Derivan Cracking Medium Waterbased allows artists to produce works that have a weathered, old country farm feel.

The Derivan Cracking Medium process relies on a reaction between the topcoat of Matisse Background Colour and the Cracking Medium which has been applied below it. To use, you will need to apply one layer of Matisse Background Colour (this will be the colour that shows through as the ‘cracks’). Once this layer is dry, apply the cracking medium using a brush, sponge, or roller. Finally, apply a third layer using a different coloured Matisse Background Colour – it’s recommended to do this within 12 hours of the cracking medium drying. Once the topcoat is applied, the cracking coat below becomes semi-liquid again and shrinks, taking with it the topcoat to result in the weathered paint look.

Note: Derivan Cracking Medium has been specially formulated to crack the Matisse Background Colours. Other brands of paint may work with this medium; however, performance cannot be guaranteed on these.

More Information
Use With Acrylic
Application Painting, Craft
Size 250ml
Medium Type Fluid Medium
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