Embossing Tool

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The Embossing Tool is useful for drawing and craft projects. Double-ended with 1mm and 1.2mm tips. Use by scoring into paper, card, soft metals and scratch foam.

The Embossing Tool from Birch Creative is useful for a variety of applications in drawing and craft projects. With a sharp pointed metal tip at each end, the tool is held like a pencil press down onto surfaces such as paper and card to indent it and emboss.

The Embossing Tool is particularly useful for creating extra detail and depth on pencil drawings, scoring out stencil designs and more. By varying the pressure, the indentations can be more pronounced or subtle. Artists can experiment with surface type and pressure to create a variety of looks with the 1mm or 1.2mm metal tips.

Alternatively, the Embossing tool is great for paper quilling projects! Tightly wrapping the paper around the metal tips will have great effects. The Embossing tool is also a fantastic tool for drawing out a design onto soft metals or scratch foam to create patterns or artwork prior to printing techniques.

Whatever your art or craft of choice, the embossing tool is a useful addition to your stash!

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