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Glass Coat Liquid Gloss Resin Packs

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Glass Coat Liquid Gloss Resin Packs are a simple easy to mix two-part epoxy system providing a clear glass-like finish suitable for most non-porous surfaces. Simply mix together in even parts (1:1 ratio), stir

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Glass Coat Liquid Gloss Resin Packs are a simple easy to mix two-part epoxy system providing a clear glass-like finish in a single application.

It is suitable for surfaces such as wood, metal, tile, glass, plaster, cardboard and many other non-porous surfaces. It can be used as an embedding medium and can also be tinted with dyes and stains to create beautiful homewares, resin art, stunning wall art or bespoke jewellery.

Glass Coat Liquid Gloss Resin Packs create a perfectly clear glass-like finish equal to fifty coats of traditional polyurethane or varnish with one single application. Simply mix together in even parts (1:1 ratio), stir slowly and leave to set.

The new improved and safer range of Glass Coat Liquid Gloss products offers greater clarity, reduced yellowing and diminished bubbling.

Glass Coat Liquid Gloss Resin is touch dry in 24 hours. It will take two to three weeks for the surface to fully cure after which it forms a super hard surface that will be heat and scratch resistant and hard enough to withstand coffee cups, hot dinner plates and other hot materials.

Do not put the finished pieces in the dishwasher, microwave oven or immerse completed projects in water. When using Glass Coat it is important to wear gloves if you are likely to get the glue on your fingers or hands. When dry it will leave a brownish stain that is difficult to remove from the skin. If you get on your skin for any reason, wash it off straight away in warm soapy water. We recommend cleaning alcohol or an acetone cleaning solvent to clean up spills, runs, drips and equipment. As with all chemicals, it is always wise to work in a well-ventilated area. Avoid breathing in the fumes and wear protective clothing. When not in use, store your products in a cool, dark cupboard, away from direct sunlight and use within six months of purchase.

Contains 1x Part A Resin and 1x Part B Hardener.

  • 240ml Kit provides approximately 0.30m² coverage
  • 500ml kit provides approximately 0.50m² coverage
  • 2L kit provides approximately 1m² coverage

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