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Global High Flow Professional Acrylic Paint 250ml


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Global High Flow Acrylics Paints are very fluid self-leveling, fast drying, permanent and water resistant and water resistant when dry. Non-toxic and water soluble.
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Global High Flow Acrylic Paints are professional quality highly pigmented and very fluid acrylic paints that contain no fillers or extenders. They are incredibly versatile for a wide range of applications. Global High Flow Acrylic Paints have the qualities of an ink or watercolour.

They are suitable for use in drawing, painting, calligraphy, mixed media work and for tinting gesso on a multitude of surfaces.

Due to their fluidity and self-levelling properties, when mixed with pouring mediums they are also ideal to use to create pouring art. Only a small amount of paint is required due to their high pigmentation.

The range of Global High Flow Acrylic Paints are archival, permanent and water resistant when dry and offer excellent lightfastness. They have the added advantage of being compatible with the rest of the Global Acrylic paints and mediums range.

Non-toxic and water-soluble, with no lead, chromium or cadmium they have been formulated to be environmentally conscious.

More Information
Application Painting, Acrylic Pouring
Size 250ml
Transparency Semi-Transparent