GOLDEN Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Paints 3.78L


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GOLDEN Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Paints are professional quality, highly pigmented water-based paints with excellent permanency and lightfastness. They contain no agents, filler or dyes

GOLDEN Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Paints are professional quality paints using the best quality pigments available. With one of the largest colour ranges in the market and excellent permanency and lightfastness they are the go-to paint choice for many artists worldwide.

GOLDEN Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Paints have a thick, smooth, buttery consistency with the ability to retain brush or palette knife marks on canvas. Ideal for impasto techniques. Note that the paint temporarily loses its viscosity when using a brush or being stirred. Once the paint has stopped moving around it settles back to its thicker original viscosity.

The majority of the GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic Paint range use pure single pigments suspended in a 100% acrylic emulsion, with no additives or fillers. As each pigment has different characteristics, the colours formulate slightly differently resulting in a range of finishes when dry. Based on the pigment characteristics, each paint colour will have its own unique matt or gloss finish while offering you the clear and clean pigment quality that professional artists desire. For example, Ultramarine Blue will dry very matt while Dioxazine Purple has an extremely glossy finish.

Regardless of their finish, all GOLDEN Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Paints offer excellent flexibility when dry minimising cracking in your artwork. You can be assured that canvas artwork using these paints can be rolled or shipped across different temperatures without damage and cracking.

The GOLDEN Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Paint Range include interference, iridescent and metallic colours. The interference colours produce reflective qualities, with fine particles producing a more even sheen and coarse particles adding more sparkle. Meanwhile the iridescent paints produce a shimmering lustre effect. Metal colours include highly metallic reflective pigments produced from either mica flakes or iron oxide that are stable and offer excellent permanency.

GOLDEN Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Paints are water-based and clean up easily with soap and water.

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Size 3.78L
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Transparency Opaque
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