Hilldav Etching Felt Blanket for Press 1424

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High-quality 38.5 x 60cm Etching press blankets made from 100% wool for Etching Press 1424.

Etching press blankets made from 100% wool are indispensable tools for printmakers. These high-quality 38.5 x 60cm blankets play a critical role in the printmaking process, ensuring even and consistent pressure and ink distribution during the printing of fine art, etchings, and other graphic works.

Wool's natural resilience and softness make it an excellent choice for these blankets. The fibers gently conform to the contours of your etching plate and paper, resulting in impeccable impressions. Wool's moisture-absorbing properties also help maintain an ideal level of dampness on the paper, ensuring crisp, clear and vibrant prints.

To use them, place the wool blanket on top of your etching plate and paper stack before rolling it through the Hilldav Etching Press 1424. To achieve the best results, regularly care for the blanket by brushing off excess ink and moisture to prevent over-compression.

Invest in 100% wool etching press blankets for flawless prints and a durable, long-lasting tool for your artistic endeavors.

More Information
Application Printmaking
Option 38.5 x 60cm
Product Type Blanket
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