Australian Animal Masks

5 March 2018

Level: Easy

These Australian themed masks are perfect activities to do with your child and great for celebrating Australia Day, birthday parties or just for fun!

To download a PDF of this project, click here.

  • Educraft Felt Sheets 
  • Educraft Half Face Mask 
  • Reeves Acrylic Paint 
  • Educraft Pom Poms 
  • Educraft Feathers 
  • Paint Brushes 
  • Glue Gun* 
  • Scissors* 

*Children should use glue gun and scissors under adult supervision.


How to do it

Koala Mask

  1. Take one Educraft Half Face Mask and mix Black and white paint to make a grey colour. Paint the entire surface of the mask. When it is dry, paint the nose black. Allow to dry.
  2. Take a piece of grey or white felt and cut into 2 ear shapes using scissors. Use the glue gun to stick them to the edges of the painted mask.
  3. Take two large white pom poms and fluff them out so they will cover most of the felt ears. Attach onto the felt ears using the glue gun. Your Koala mask is now ready! 

Cockatoo Mask

  1. Take one Educraft Half Mask and paint the entire area in white paint. Paint the nose area grey by mixing a little black and white paint together. Allow to dry.
  2. Use the glue gun, stick 3 yellow feathers to the back of the mask at the top. Cut the top half of another yellow feather and attach it to the surface of the mask at the top with the glue gun to give a feather tuft. 

Kangaroo Mask

  1. Take one Educraft Half Mask painting the entire area in brown paint. Paint the nose with black paint.
  2. Take two brown sheets of felt and cut out ear shapes, now take a light brown or pink felt sheet and cut out two smaller ear shapes. Stick these to the larger brown felt ear shape using the glue gun.
  3. Fold the ends of the brown paper ears to give a 3Dimensional effect and glue onto the back of the mask. Once dry it is now ready to wear!