Cupcake Pendant

1 March 2018

Level: Medium

  • FIMO Soft Modelling Compound - colours of your choice
  • Mungyo Modelling Tools
  • Silver Eye Pin

How to do it

  1. Knead Fimo in the hands first to make it warm and malleable.
  2. Using the various shaped tools, shape the FIMO into a cupcake base then add the toppings and paper cup details. No joining methods required, just press on details.
  3. Wash hands in between colours to avoid colour transfer.
  4. Stick a flat based pin through the centre and bake in the oven on 110⁰ for 25-30 minutes (times may vary depending on oven and size of Fimo object).
  5. When it has cooled down, cut the pin to size and create an eye hole with round nose pliers.