FIMO Soft Owls

16 August 2018

Level: Easy

Brightly coloured and simply adorable these owls are quick and easy to make and make great decorations for table, magnets, flower pot sticks or keyrings. Let your imagination run wild.

To download a PDF of this project, click here. 

  • Fimo Kids Modelling Clay 
  • Blade Set 
  • Gloss Varnish 
  • Modelling Tools 
  • Florist Wire

How to do it

  1. For the body of the owl, roll three strips of Fuchsia Fimo Kids into a ball and form an oval shape. Use a round tipped modelling stick to make an indent in the top of the oval and shape the ears.
  2. Roll out 1 strip of Lilac Fimo Kids to an approx 1mm thick sheet using the acrylic roller and then cut a circle approximately 2cm diameter. Place the circle on the owl’s tummy and press it on.
  3. Roll out approximately ¼ of a strip of Light Pink Fimo to a 1mm thick sheet. Use a pen cap to cut out two circles and put these on the owl for the eyes. Next make indents or groove marks all the way round using a sharp pointed modelling tool.
  4. To make wings, roll approximately ¼ strip of Lilac Fimo Kids to a ball, halve it and then shape each piece to a pointed oval. Press the wings onto the sides of the owls body and bend a little.
  5. Add a small ball of white Fimo to each eye, then a tiny black ball for the pupil on top. For the beak roll 1/8 of a stripe of yellow Fimo Kids to a ball and shape to a pointed oval. Use a modelling tool to cut the wide end of the pointed oval off straight and then position on the beak between the eyes. Press firmly.
  6. Shape small balls out in Glitter Gold Fimo Kids and press onto the tummy for a polka dot design.
  7. For the hanger, take a small length of florist wire and stick into the owl between its ears.
  8. Allow the finished Fimo owl to harden in the oven at 110 C for 30 minutes, leave to cool and then varnish. Thread a piece of satin ribbon through the eyelet and hang the owl up. 

TIP: any number of combinations are possible - replace polka dot design with stripes or change the colour options. Remember Fimo Kids can be mixed with Fimo Soft and Effect giving you even more colour options.