Get Experimental with Reeves Gesso Primer

26 October 2022

Whether you are new to acrylic painting or looking for ways to add texture and depth to your work, Reeves Gesso Primer is an exciting medium to explore.


Reeves Gesso Primer is perfect for preparing surfaces for painting with acrylic colours - canvas, paper, and wood are all suitable.  Gesso provides superior colour adhesion and tooth for your paint to grip to. Gesso also strengthens your painting surface, making it more flexible and less prone to cracking. Priming your surfaces before painting will result in longer lasting, durable artworks that will stand the test of time.


To use Reeves Gesso simply as a primer, apply with a flat brush to your chosen surface. A coarse-bristled brush will provide additional texture as a base for your painting, while a smoother brush with sanding in between coats will provide a smooth finish and more evenly textured painting surface.


If you are interested in creating unique and interesting surfaces to paint on, check out the video below for some ideas of how you can use Reeves Gesso in your painting to create rich textural qualities. Scrape, score, layer, and experiment to build unique painting surfaces.