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How to draw a Mandala

3 August 2020

Level: Medium

Duration: 60 mins

Let your creativity come to live by drawing your very own mandala. 

Click here for a PDF version of the template.

Mandala by Artist: Sine @sine_art

  • 2H or 3H Pencil
  • Pigment Liner
  • Ruler
  • Compass
  • Eraser
  • Coloured Pencils or Markers

How to do it

  1. Create an X and Y access on your page. Use a protractor to mark out equal parts in each section.
  2. Use a ruler to line them up and draw a line.
  3. Place your compass in the centre and draw different size circles.

    Mandala Steps 1-3

  4. Start from the centre and begin drawing simple shapes. Use your guides to make them symmetrical.
  5. Build your pattern outwards
  6. You can add more details to sections as you go or along the way.

    Mandala Steps 4-6

  7. Use a pigment liner with a thickness of your choice and trace over your patterns. Once complete, erase your pencil markings.
  8. Fill in any detailed sections of your mandala.
  9. Now it's time to get colouring!

    Mandala Steps 7-9

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