Liquitex Bird

16 August 2018

Create your own bird artwork using a range of Liquitex products. Makes a great present or for hanging on your wall at home or in the office.

Click here to download a PDF version of this project.

  • Jasart Canvas or Bella Vivo Artist Board
  • Selection of Liquitex Spray paint
  • Selection of Liquitex Acrylic Ink
  • Selection of Liquitex Mediums
  • Selection of Liquitex Paint Markers (optional)
  • Soft pencil
  • Palette knife and/or soft paint brushes (optional)

How to do it

  1. Roughly sketch the bird outline onto the canvas or board with the soft lead pencil.
  2. Using Liquitex Spray Paint (black), spray the birds, wings, tail, head, beak and body holding the can quite close to the canvas surface. You can achieve a thick line holding the can close to the canvas or a soft splatter effect holding the can around 30cm away from the canvas.
  3. While the black paint remains wet you can hold the canvas vertically to let the paint drip. Turn the canvas for extra effect.
  4. Apply a second colour of spray (we used pink) using the thick line and spatter effects across the black areas until the desired effect is achieved.
  5. Take the Liquitex Ink, using the dropper like a brush, manoeuvre and squirt the ink gently tto create a feather effect on the head, wings and tail of the bird. We used gold, copper and white inks.
  6. Combine your Liquitex Acrylic Medium of choice (see list below) with ink and squirt the combined mixture moving hand quickly for additional feather effects on your artwork.
  7. Continue adding layers until the desired effect is achieved.

Handy Tip: You can get a marble style effect by reapplying layers of paint, medium and ink whilst the previous layer is still wet. Try experimenting with applying the Liquitex Spray Paint, Ink and Mediums on dry or wet layers for different looks using a palette knife or a brush. For finer detail work you can use the Liquitex Acrylic Paint Markers.

Flow Aid Medium – increases fluidity and extended drying time;
Pouring Medium - creates a water resistant glass like finish;
Glaze Medium – adds transparency, luminosity and depth to paintings;
Iridescent Tint Medium – great for achieving a metallic or mother of pearl effect.