Rainbow Easter Bilby Mask

8 February 2024

Celebrate Easter the Aussie way by crafting this brilliant rainbow Easter Bilby mask! Bilbies live in burrows that are about 2 metres deep. They live in hot, dry desert grasslands in Australia and, as they are nocturnal, only come out at night. During the day, their underground burrows are designed to keep them cool. When they come out at night, they forage for insects, worms, fungi and seeds. They are an endangered species.


What you will need

  • Faber-Castell colour pencils
  • Faber-Castell crayons
  • Faber-Castell Connector Pens or other Faber-Castell markers
  • UHU Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Holepunch
  • Coloured paper for printing the Fringe template on, if desired
  • Easter Bilby Mask Template, A4 cardstock
  • Additional creative materials (coloured paper, crepe paper, tissue paper, cotton wool or cellophane)

Video Tutorial & Instructions



Step One:

After printing out the Bilby Mask template, use a variety of Faber-Castell colour pencils, crayons and Connector Pens to create colour gradients, interesting patterns and shapes as you colour.

Step Two:

Using scissors, carefully cut around the outside of the face, ears and fringing. To finish the fringing, cut every few millimetres down the strip, using the printed lines as a guide. Lastly, use a hole punch to create holes for the elastic or string to go through.

Step Three:

Glue the ears to the inside of the face. Then, if desired, decorate the mask with fringing to look like fur. Tease out the paper a little to give the fringe extra texture. Leave until completely dry.

Step Four:

Once the masks are dry, tie a separate string or elastic piece through each of the holes. With the help of a friend, hold the mask to your face, and then have your friend tie the mask into place behind your head. Once done, get ready for a wonderful Easter parade!


Thanks to our friends at Faber-Castell for this project, originally published at: https://www.faber-castell.com.au/tutorials/easter-lesson-plan-bilby-mask