The Good Oil - History of Winsor & Newton Oil Paints

27 April 2023

Oil Paint

The Evolution of Winsor & Newton Oil Paint

Winsor & Newton's early success was due in large part to its commitment to quality, but also to its willingness to adapt and innovate. Over the years, the company has continually refined its formulas and production methods to keep pace with changing artistic trends and technological advances.

One of the company's early innovations was the creation of a range of oil paints that were much more consistent in colour and texture than those available from other manufacturers. Winsor & Newton achieved this by using a special type of pigment called "Indian yellow," which produced a bright, stable colour that was resistant to fading.

In the late 19th century, Winsor & Newton introduced another innovation: the tube. Prior to this, oil paints were sold in small cakes or as loose powders that had to be mixed with oil before use. The introduction of the tube made oil painting much more convenient, as artists could now easily transport their paints and mix colours on the fly.

In the early 20th century, Winsor & Newton continued to innovate with the introduction of new colours and formulas. One of the company's most famous products from this period was its "Artists' Oil Colour" range, which offered a wide range of colours and a buttery consistency that was easy to work with.

Cadmium Red

Throughout the 20th century, Winsor & Newton continued to expand its product line and refine its formulas. In the 1970s, it introduced a range of alkyd-based oil paints that dried more quickly than traditional oils. And in the 1990s, it introduced a range of water-mixable oil paints that were easier to clean up than traditional oils.

Today, Winsor & Newton oil paint is widely regarded as some of the best in the world. The company continues to innovate with new formulas and colours, and its products are used by artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Winsor & Newton oil paints have indeed evolved in form and function throughout history. With a constant quest for perfection and focusing on the demands of painters, the company has continued to redefine the standards in the art world. Its distinguished legacy and commitment to providing artists with high-quality products secure their position as one of the world's leading brands in the art supply market. As an artist, you can be pretty sure that Winsor & Newton oil paints will allow you to create art that you can be proud of.

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