Unicorn Hand Puppet Project

1 June 2020

Level: Medium

Create your own Unicorn Hand Puppet and have the magical creation gallop all over your house!

Click here for downloadable step by step instructions.

  • Jasart Foam Sheets
  • Jasart Joggle Eyes
  • Jasart Glitter
  • Jasart Pop Sticks
  • Jasart Markers
  • Jasart Glue Gun
  • Jasart Cutting Mat
  • Kent Craft Knife #1
  • Scissors

How to do it

  1. Draw the unicorn outline.
  2. Cut out the outline.
  3. Line up fingers to space holes.
  4. Draw finger holes.
  5. Cut finger holes.
  6. Cut unicorn horn. Add glitter.
  7. Cut strips of paper for hair.
  8. Use glue gun to adhere horn.
  9. Glue joggle eye.
  10. Plan arrangement of mane & tail.
  11. Glue mane and tail.
  12. To stabilize, measure pop sticks to add to the back.
  13. Glue pop sticks to the back of the unicorn.
  14. Add a mouth and draw on nose.
  15. It's finished. Have fun!