Jacquard Carrageenan

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Jacquard Carrageenan is a natural seaweed gelling agent that provides a viscous surface and is used for fabric and paper marbling.

Jacquard Carrageenan is a natural seaweed gelling agent that is used to thicken water to create a marbling base. It is used in both fabric and paper marbling.

Recommended proportions for marbling: 4 teaspoons/19g Carrageenan to 3.79L water. In a blender slowly add the Carrageenan to 3 cups/0.71 litres of warm water and blend until dispersed. Pour mixture into a bucket, then add enough water to make a total of 3.79 litres and stir.

Whilst Carrageenan can be used immediately  it is reccommended to rest the solution for at least an hour or until all bubbles have risen before use. this ensure optimum consistency.

If hand mixing allow up to 12 hours for all powder to dissolve and bubbles to dissipate before use. Jacquard Carrageenan solution will keep at room temperature for a few dats. Discard if it gets mouldy, smells or becomes thin.

You can extend the solution life to a month by refrigerating. A thicker marbling base or "size" works best for stone or marbled patterns whilst thinner size works well on combed designs. 

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