Liquitex Iridescent Pouring Medium

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Combine Liquitex Iridescent Pouring Medium with acrylic paint and inks to create pour paintings. Can also be used to increasing the flow of acrylic paints. Iridescent shimmer finish.

Liquitex Iridescent Pouring Medium can be combined with acrylic paint, inks, and pigment powders to create the perfect consistency for flow and pour paintings. The self-levelling medium dries to a smooth and even but beautiful iridescent finish with minimal cracking, bubbles or crazing. Stir gently to avoid bubbles, leave to rest while the bubbles dissipate before pouring. Ensure the poured surface is level when drying to prevent cracking and crazing.

Create acrylic skins by combining Liquitex Iridescent Pouring Medium with acrylic paint, mix thoroughly, then pour the mixture thinly onto a non-porous surface. Once dry, the flexible acrylic skin can be peeled off and easily cut with scissors and applied in collages or mixed media work by using a water-based PVA glue.

Liquitex Iridescent Pouring Medium can be combined with heavy body acrylic paints to alter the viscosity increasing the flow, allowing the paint to move and be manipulated across the surface.

Increase the volume of acrylic mediums, inks and acrylic paint with Liquitex Iridescent Pouring Medium without compromising the colour but resulting in a shimmer effect to your artwork.

Liquitex Iridescent Pouring Medium should not be shook vigorously or over-stirred. Do not use with non-acrylic media.

More Information
Use With Acrylic
Application Painting, Acrylic Pouring
Size 473ml
Medium Type Fluid Medium
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