MDF Placemats

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MDF Placemats are made from a versatile hard wearing and robust material that can be painted, or embellished with a variety of materials to create unique artwork.

MDF Placemats are made from MDF (medium-density foamboard), a versatile hard wearing and robust material that can be used in a variety of art and craft projects.

The uncoated smooth surface lends itself to many forms of decoration such as paints or apply embellishments with a variety of different media from feathers, glitter, beads, sequins and more. Use acrylic paints painted on with a brush, stencil, or roller. Apply a sealer or varnish to make your design water resistant.

In addition to acrylic paints, the uncoated surface of MDF placemats may be covered with pouring mediums, or epoxy resin to create unique handmade pieces. Add glitter, metal flakes or decorative papers to add a level of dimension to your piece.

MDF Placemats can be decorated using a wood burning tool, drawn on using pigment-based pens and markers, or glue paper onto the surface for a decoupage effect. You can even apply mosaic stones and beads onto the surface secured with a specialty glue.

Why not combine multiple sizes and shapes to create a custom art piece as a gift for your family and friends. The possibilities are endless!

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