Gel Mediums

Gel mediums are an exciting type of paint additive that can be used in all kinds of art projects. They come in a variety of viscosities, such as soft, regular, heavy, and extra-heavy body, allowing you to customize your creations. By adding different types and amounts of gel mediums to your artwork, you have the power to achieve texture and dimension that is difficult, or even impossible to achieve with regular paints alone. Gel medium come in both gloss and matte finishes, giving you the option of adding sheen or giving your paint a muted quality. You can also use it as an adhesive for collage projects or mixed media artworks.


When mixed with paint, gel mediums give it a thicker consistency which makes it perfect for blending colours together for smoother transitions. This also increases colour volume, meaning your paint will last you longer.


Soft Body - Adds texture without changing the texture of the paint too much; great for extending colours without making them too thick.

Regular Body - Adds just enough thickness that it becomes easier to blend colours together; great for blending multiple colours into one unified tone.

Heavy Body - Makes paint thicker and more opaque; excellent choice when making impasto techniques or adding dimensionality through brushstrokes or palette knife work.

Extra-Heavy Body - Thickest form of gel medium; best used when painting thickly layered details or sculptural pieces out of acrylic paints. 


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