As an artist, you know what it’s like to bring your work to life. You spend so much time and energy on each piece, wanting it to look just right. That’s why varnish is a great tool when finalizing your art.


There are different types of varnishes depending on the type of art you are working on. For oil-based artwork, you should use an oil-based varnish. These types of varnishes provide protection from dirt, dust, and other debris while enhancing the colour vibrancy and depth of your painting immediately after application.


For acrylic paintings, there are two varieties; water-soluble or solvent-borne varnishes. Water-soluble varnishes are easy to apply and have minimal fumes compared to solvent-borne varnishes which require more care when applying due to their strong odour and volatile nature. Both types help protect against abrasion and add gloss to your artwork while making them easier to clean in the future if needed.


The importance of using a quality varnish can’t be stressed enough when creating artworks that will stand up over time. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out in this craft, having access to high quality materials will make all the difference in how well your artwork remains intact over time with proper care and maintenance. Applying a layer or two of paint varnish will ensure that colours remain vibrant while protecting against dirt, dust, abrasion damage, fading, cracking, etc., thus preserving its original beauty for years down the line.


At Eckersley’s we pride ourselves on being the experts in all things varnish! For more information about varnishes and how to protect your artwork, head on over to our blog.


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