Pebeo Decorative Paint Collection Case

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Crafters, home decorators and hobbyists will love the versatility of this Pebeo Decorative Paint Collection Case. Great quality and suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces!

The Pebeo Decorative Paint Collection Case contains acrylic paints that are fluid water-based, highly pigmented paints with great lightfastness. Crafters, home decorators and hobbyists will love its versatility, as it’s suitable for use on wood, plaster, terracotta, metal, dough, cardboard, stone, paper, concrete, and polystyrene!

The Pebeo Decorative Acrylic Paints in this set feature a wide mouth bottle for easy application or pouring onto a palette. Colours in the range can be intermixed to create a wide and versatile colour palette. They are ready to use straight from the bottle or add a little water to dilute and thin the paint further for use.

Apply Pebeo Deco Acrylic Paints to your chosen surface with brushes, foam rollers, sponges, or even scrunched up fabric or paper to achieve interesting patterns and textures. Once dry, the paint is permanent on porous surfaces. For non-porous surfaces, Pebeo Deco Acrylic Paints can be removed with a damp cloth. The markers included the set can be used to create finer details & linework in conjunction with the Pebeo Deco Paints.

Paints will be touch dry in 30 minutes and fully dry in 24 hours. Clean off skin and working surfaces with soap and water.

Set contains:

  • 10 x 45ml paint pots
    (1 each of: White, Yellow, Fairy Pink, Red, Ultramarine Blue, Gloss Aqua, Grey, Black, Silver & Gold)
  • 1 x Black Acrylic 0.7 Marker
  • 1 x Precious Copper 1.2 Marker
  • 1 x Flat Brush #10
  • 1 x Leaflet
More Information
Use With Paper, Metal, Wood, Plaster, Cardboard, Stone, Terracotta
Application Painting, Craft
Range Deco
Size 10 x 45ml
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