Pebeo Masking Fluid Drawing Gum

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Pebeo Masking Fluid Drawing Gum is the World's favourite masking agent for watercolour, pen and airbrush work. It is water soluble and easy to clean. It is blue tinted so you can keep track on where it is

The Pebeo Masking Fluid Drawing Gum is the world’s favourite masking and resist agent for watercolour, pen, and airbrush work. Made from a blue peelable synthetic latex-free solution, once applied to the paper, it provides a barrier protecting it from any colour applied on top. Allow to completely dry (around 10-15 minutes) before applying paint and inks.

Once your artwork is dry, the Pebeo Masking Fluid Drawing Gum can be removed by gently using a finger and rubbing the masked areas away to expose a clean paper beneath free from paint or ink. The water-based medium is easy to apply with a brush for either small or large areas. Clean brushes with warm soapy water.

The Pebeo Masking Fluid Marker features a 4mm bullet nib in a convenient pen format. It allows fine controlled lines of masking fluid to be applied to the paper surface. The easy-to-use marker delivers a smooth and even amount of medium and can be used in conjunction with Pebeo Masking Fluid Drawing Gums. Prime and shake before use.

The Pebeo Masking Fluid Drawing Gum and Marker can be used with inks, watercolour paints, tempera, and gouache.

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Use With Watercolour
Application Painting
Medium Type Fluid Medium
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