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Composimold Mould & Cast

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Original 240ml
Food Contact 480ml
Firm 240ml
Firm 480ml
Firm 960ml
NOW $69.95 $150.00
Bubble Buster 170g
Bubble Buster 454g
Clear Casting Plastic Kit 237ml
Clear Casting Plastic Kit 473ml
Composi-Stone 454g


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Make Your Own Da Vinci Candle with ComposiMold  
ComposiMold Reusable Mold Making Introduction Video
ComposiMold Learning Curve-Basic Instruction Video
How to Mold and Cast Your Own Picture Frame
How to Avoid Bubbles in Your Mold
Scrapbooking, Make Your Own Embellishments And Duplicate Them!
Easy How to Mold Cast and Duplicate Your Wood carving With Concrete
ComposiMold Review in Slides
ComposiMold Reusable Mold Making Introduction Video
Make your own body molds and save money!
How To Make A Two Part Mold And Cast Crystal Clear Medieval Knight Action Figures

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