Doodle Mesh Pouch

Level: Easy

So simple yet effective to do, doodle away and personalise your own pouch for school and be the envy of your friends!

Click here for a PDF of this project.

What you need:

  • Celco Mesh Pouch
  • Black Permanent Markers
  • Coloured Permanent Markers
  • Fine Nibbed Permanent Marker Pen
  • Circle Template

What you do:

  1. Lay out your mesh pouch so its flat and even. Take the circle template and draw out circles to cover the entire area using the fine nibbed marker. You can overlap the circles to make it a more interesting design.
  2. Starting in one corner start doodling a pattern to fill the circle section. Move onto the next section using a different doodle pattern. Continue to fill the sections in until the area is covered.
  3. For doodling ideas, you can consider circles, stripes, spots, cross hatching, geometrics, swirls or triangles. In fact there is no right or wrong with doodling, its just what flows creatively!
  4. If you wish to add colour make sure any markers you use are permanent and work on plastic surfaces, such as Posca markers.


Products used in this project

Celco Clear Mesh Pouch

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Texta Permanent Marker

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Artline 700 Fine Bullet Marker

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Staedtler Circle Template

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