Canvas Couture Xmas Tree

Level: Easy

Level: Easy

A simple and quick Christmas project. It would make a perfect Christmas Gift or why not use a table centrepiece. Could also be hung on a door as an alternative to a Christmas wreath.

Click here to download this project as a PDF.

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Select your size of Canvas Couture. (we used 6x6” Thin Edge).
  2. Take the Educraft Wooden Dowels to create the tree. Using scissors score along the dowel to mark out sticks in various lengths from small to large. After scoring, snap the dowel to create a rustic raw edge.
  3. Embellish each stick individually by wrapping ribbons around, covering in glitter or painting them.
  4. Once you have finished decorating your sticks glue each stick onto the canvas carefully using the glue gun.
  5. Finish your tree design by creating a star onto the metallic board. Cut a smaller hollow star shape from the Educraft Glitter Foam, glue onto the metallic star and add onto the top of the tree.
  6. To display place finished canvas on a Jasart Table Top easel, or if you wish to hang you canvas, attach ribbon on the back.