Rapid Intermediate Hand Stapler

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Steel stapler with high resistance strength. Suitable for simple re- covering work.

The Rapid Intermediate Hand Stapler is a durable tool engineered for versatility and strength, perfect for both professional and DIY applications. Crafted from sturdy steel, this stapler is built to withstand rigorous use, providing high resistance strength that ensures reliable performance with every use.

Ideal for a wide range of tasks, this stapler excels in simple re-covering work, such as refurbishing furniture or upholstering cushions. Its robust construction makes it a dependable choice for securing various materials, from fabrics to wood and beyond.

Beyond its re-covering capabilities, the Rapid Intermediate Hand Stapler is a versatile tool that finds its place in art and craft applications as well. Artists and crafters can rely on this stapler for projects like canvas stretching, framing, and securing textiles, leather, or other materials. Its compatibility with staples #13/4, #13/6, and #13/8 further enhances its versatility, accommodating different stapling needs with ease.

Streamline your creative projects and enhance your workflow with the Rapid Intermediate Hand Stapler. Whether you're working on DIY home improvements, artistic endeavors, or craft projects, this stapler is an indispensable tool that delivers reliable results, time and time again.

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