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RISO MiScreen A4 Digital Screen Maker Kit

In stock
RISO MiScreen A4 Digital Screen Maker Kit prints your own screens straight from your computer in one quick, easy and cost-effective process.

RISO MiScreen A4 Digital Screen Maker Kit offers the user a no hassle and convenient transfer of an image digitally to a screen-printing frame without the use of messy photosensitive emulsions, acetate, carbon films or cut out stencils!

Not only is the RISO MiScreen A4 Digital Screen Maker Kit light and compact it's also easy to use. Simply connect the RISO MiScreen A4 Digital Unit (included in the kit) to a computer (PC and MAC compatible software included) and send the image to the unit where it is digitally transferred and stored. Take one of MiScreen pre-cut mesh sheets and secure to the frame with double sided tape. (all provided in the kit). Feed the mounted frame through the RISO MiScreen A4 Digital Unit and press the top of the machine down. The frame will pass through the unit "imprinting" your image onto the screen in less than 30 seconds! Using your own ink and squeegees you can now screen print as normal by applying ink on the screen and then printing onto paper or fabric with a squeegee.

RISO MiScreen A4 Digital Screen Maker Kit features RISO Digital QS "P" Polyester mesh which is a stronger more durable mesh than the previous "S" type mesh. It is constructed from a tough and durable polyester strand and thermal film. "P" type mesh is not recommended for use in Thermal-Copier models or with Print Gocco Lamp systems. The 120Mesh provided in the is the most economical and used grade of mesh and is suitable for fabrics, t-shirts, cotton, paper, wood, polyester, lyrca and poly-cotton blends Avoid storage in locations exposed to direct sunlight, with temperatures of 35° or with extreme humidity.

RISO MiScreen A4 Digital Screen Maker Kit uses true digital technology to provide fast, high quality results eliminating the possibility of overheating and jams that previously occurred with Thermal Copier System. The digital system features 200dpi resolution with greyscales and no pinholes. Full instructions are provided. Step into the digital future with Miscreen.

  • Perforation Density: 200dpi
  • Max Image: 210mm x 300mm
  • Min Frame: 210mm x 250mm
  • Max Frame: 250mm x 370mm
  • Power Consumption: 120W
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Software: Dedicated software included
  • PC Connectivity: Windows, Macintosh
  • File Format: PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP
Kit Contents:
  • RISO MiScreen A4 Digital Screen Maker Unit
  • 5 x MiScreen 120Mesh Precut Sheets
  • 1 x RISO MiScreen Plastic Frame ID: 250x370mm (S-8315)
  • 1 x MiScreen A4 Design Frame ID: 250x370mm (FP-MS1-NT)
  • 1 x MiScreen A5 Design Frame ID: 250x210mm (FP-MS2-NT)
  • 1 Roll x Double Sided Tissue Tape
  • 1 x RISO MiScreen A4 Printing Board
  • Power Transformer with Australian Cord
  • USB 2.0 Connection Cable
  • MiScreen Instruction Book plus Software CD
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