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Sakura Nouvel Carre Pastel Sets contain a range of pastels perfect for every level of artist. Explore the different colour palettes!

Sakura Nouvel Carre Pastel Sets contain a range of pastels with ultra-fine pigments, ensuring excellent consistency and texture, and providing a brilliant working experience for creatives. The pastel sticks are a semi-hard square pastel which handle like a soft texture pastel and are very smooth to work with.

The square shape of Sakura Nouvel Carre Pastels is convenient for both detailed and sketch work, with the corners providing a sharp point for more detailed sections of your artwork and the broader side of the stick allowing for building up larger areas of colour.

Sakura Nouvel Carre Pastels are clean and easy to use, as they won’t crumble or powder in artists’ hands! Use the Nouvel Carre Pastels with other materials such as watercolours, ink, or acrylic paints to create unique mixed media works that will catch the eye. You can also experiment with drawing on wet paper for a variety of effects, as these pastels are water-soluble.

To use Sakura Nouvel Carre Pastels, apply directly onto paper, then blend if desired by rubbing with your finger of stiff brush. Pastel drawings which have not been fixed should be framed under glass to prevent any smudging.

Choose between a range of colour palettes and set sizes! Sakura Nouvel Carre Pastel Sets contain non-toxic pastels perfect for artists of every level.

Pastel Stick Dimensions: 8mm x 8mm x 60mm

Set 12 (A) contains colours: White 001, Grey(1) 003, Black 010, Burnt Umber 142, Light Red 147, Yellow Ochre(2) 058, Venetian Red 148, Brown Ochre(2) 054, Green Grey(2) 082, Blue Green(2) 097, Prussian Blue(1) 105, Blue Grey 088

Set 12 (B) contains colours: Sepia 143, Olive Green(1) 068, Composed Green(2) 073, Prussian Blue(2) 113, Cobalt Blue 106, Purple 125, Pink(1) 013, Rose 014, Carmine 021, Jaune Brilliant 028, Naples Yellow(1) 041, Permanent Yellow(2) 048

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