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Sculpey III Sampler Set

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The Sculpey III Sampler Set is a safe and non-toxic polymer clay that remains soft even when exposed to air. It is perfect introduction for those new to polymer clays including children.
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The Sculpey III Sampler Set is a safe and non-toxic polymer clay, it is a perfect introduction for those new to clay including children. Unlike other polymer clays, Sculpey III stays soft until baked in the oven and it will not dry out in the air. It is easy to use and shape via hand or with modelling tools.

Use for a variety of projects from making large jewellery beads, home decor items or simple sculptures. It is best to avoid using Sculpey III for fine detailed work due to the soft texture.

The Sampler Set contains 30 x 28g bars in the following colours: White, Red, Silver, Sky Blue, Leaf Green, Turquoise, Beige, Chocolate, Hot Pink, Purple, Navy Pearl, Lemonade, Gold, Granny Smith, Suede Brown, Spring Lilac, Pearl, Deep Red Pearl, Blue, Sweet Potato, Translucent, Light Blue Pearl, Ballerina, Just Orange, Red Hot Red, Teal Pearl, Yellow, Violet, Emerald, Black.

Bake at 130° for 15 minutes in a conventional oven to cure.

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