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STAEDTLER Kneadable and Gum Art Eraser Twin Pack

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STAEDTLER Kneadable and Gum Art Eraser Twin Pack is a versatile set for use with graphite, pastel and charcoal artworks to remove imperfections, smudges and smears.

STAEDTLER Kneadable and Gum Art Eraser Twin Pack is the ideal companion for artists and designers of all levels.

The kneadable eraser is a pliable tool that is used to lift off and remove traces of pastel, graphite or charcoal. Simply shape with your hand into the desired form for precision erasing. It can also be used to lighten or correct charcoal and pastel drawings. This smudge-free tool is an absolute essential!

To clean a kneadable eraser, stretch and knead it until the colour turns back its original grey colour. You should replace once the eraser has accumulated too much dust and dry media residue that you are unable to knead out. Non-toxic, Phthalate and latex free.

The art gum eraser also included in the pack has a dual purpose. Firstly it can be used to remove smudges and smears from dry media on paper. It does this by absorbing graphite and dirt from the surface. Secondly it can be used for block shaping graphite work, maximising the different widths available to you from the side, corner, front surface or side of the eraser. Non-toxic, Phthalate and latex free.

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