X-Press It Imitation Metallic Leaf

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X-Press It Imitation Metallic Leaf is ideal for gilding, decorative and craft projects, furniture and restoration. Easy to apply, it is suitable for use on wood, cardboard, card stock, glassware, canvas and

Xpress-It Imitation Leaf is ideal to be used for furniture, restoration, ecorative projects. It can be applied to wood cardboard, cardstock, glassware, canvas and more.

First ensure the surface if free from grease or dirt and completely clean. Apply "Size" to the surface using a brush (A special adhesive to fix the metal leaf), wait until it is tacky (around 15 minutes). Do not lay metal leaf when the size is wet.Take a sheet of the metal leaf using a soft brush and lay onto the size. After the leaf is laid, leave to dry. Lightly brush over the leaf surface with a soft hair brush and also to flick away any loose bits. Varnish to avoid oxidation.

  • Gold Metal Leaf - Made from zinc, brass and copper
  • Silver Metal Leaf - Made from 100% aluminium
  • Copper Metal Leaf - Made from 100% copper

Xpress-It Imitation Leaf is 140mm x 140mm per sheet.