Dalchem Replicast Kit

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Dalchem Replicast Kit is a unique two component rigid urethane casting compound, perfect for producing intricate details for architectural models and prototypes.

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Dalchem Replicast Kit is a unique two component rigid urethane casting compound that dries to a hard, white plastic finish. Its low viscosity allows this casting resin to produce intricate details, making it the perfect choice for scale model making and architectural models and prototypes.

The Dalchem Replicast Kit is simple to use and includes both a resin and a hardener. Simply mix Part A and Part B together in equal quantities by weight, stirring thoroughly to ensure the solution will set correctly. If coloured casts are desired, pigments can be added and stirred into the solution to tint them.

Once mixed, the pourable solution has a working time of 90 seconds before it starts to harden. During this time, you can pour the mixture into a mould to create models, jewellery, prototypes, and more. The demould time for Dalchem Replicast is 15-30 minutes.

When set, Dalchem Replicast has a Shore Hardness of 73D. This means your moulded items will be durable, perfect for models, prototypes, and more.

Use Dalchem Replicast Kit in a well-ventilated area whilst wearing protective eyewear and attire.

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