EC Corrugated Card A4

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EC Corrugated Card is an incredibly versatile art material, suitable for both crafters, model makers, children and artists for creating dimensional art.

EC Corrugated Card is a versatile art material suitable for both adults and children. EC Corrugated card is lightweight, bends easily and can be cut using scissors or a craft knife. Ideal for creating sculptural art, for model making or for adding dimension, it is a must have material in the art studio, classroom, or home.

Corrugated card is made of three layers of paper, two flat outer layers and a fluted centre. Children will love to cut out shapes, dip them in paint and use is as a stamp in printmaking. EC Corrugated Card can be painted with acrylic paint and embellished with joggle eyes, sequins, glitter and more.

Aspiring artists may wish to glue multiple layers together using a PVA craft glue, then carve with a knife to show intricate layers and form beautiful textured structures once the glue is dry. Tightly wrap long pieces of corrugated card as a fresh take on 3D quilling.

Artists can also experiment with using torn pieces of corrugated card as a palette knife alternative, creating textured marks on their artworks when dipped in paint. The side of the corrugated card can also be dipped into paint for interesting mark making.

EC Corrugated Card comes in a variety of colours.

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