Easter Crafting - Colourful Easter decorations with STAEDTLER

7 February 2024

Colourful Easter Decoration

What you will need

This easy Easter craft from STAEDTLER is great for younger children, as doesn't require colouring neatly in between the lines; instead, all over is fine. Tearing the paper is also a good exercise for hand-eye coordination.

Level: Easy

How to do it

Prepare the decoration templates with cardboard paper with the Easter decoration template by STAEDTLER. Cut the cardboard paper into shapes of Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs. Pierce a hold at the top end of the cardboard shape, thread a string through the hole. Then, join the two ends of the string together and thread through beads close with a knot. Younger kids may need help with preparing this step.

On a piece of white paper, colour in blocks of colour with your STAEDTLER colour pencils - the more colour the better! Then, tear the coloured paper into small pieces.

Apply glue to the cardboard easter bunnies or easter eggs and stick on the little pieces of coloured paper to cover the entire shape. It is okay to have bits of paper sticking out over the edge of the shape.

Now, turn the shape around so you can see the bits hanging out side of the shape and trim them away with scissors.


Colourful Easter decorations

Video Tutorial


Thanks to our friends at STAEDTLER for this project, originally published at: https://www.staedtler.com/au/en/discover/colourful-easter-decorations-craft-instructions-for-children/