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Gamblin Cold Wax Mediums

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Gamblin Cold Wax Medium is made from Naturally white, pure beeswax. It makes oil colours thicker and more matte. It can also be applied alone as a matt varnish.
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Gamblin Cold Wax Medium is made from naturally white, pure beeswax, Gamsol and a small amount of alkyd resin. It has a paste consistency and as a medium is added to oil/alkyd paint to make the paint thicker and more matt. Gamblin Cold Wax Medium can be applied alone or mixed with other Gamblin mediums depending on the look required. For example, adding Gamblin Gamsol to Cold Max Medium will make it more fluid without adding gloss or adding Gamblin Galkyd Medium increases flexibility of the paint. It can also be applied straight to a dry painting as a removable matte varnish. Gamblin Cold Wax Medium is popular with abstract painters, for impasto painting or for those wanting a contemporary matte finish. Due to the nature of the medium it allows the user to create expressive brushmarks and 'carve' into the paint layers with a palette knife. It is recommended to add up to 1/3 Cold Wax Medium to 2/3 oil colour. Ensure your oil painting is thoroughly dry to the touch before applying. For a matte finish over your completed painting apply Gamblin Cold Wax Medium directly with a cotton cloth; no heating is required prior to use. Gently rub in small circular motions onto the painting. For a soft matt finish wait 4-6 hours then gently buff off the Gamblin Cold Wax Medium. Gamblin Cold Wax Medium is removable off paintings using Gamsol. Take two cotton cloths, one dry, the other soaked in Gamsol. Rub in circular motions onto the painting with the wet cloth then repeat with the dry one. Note: Gamblin Cold Wax Medium has a melting point of around 68 degrees Celsius so is stable in most environments.
More Information
Use With Oil
Application Oil Painting
Medium Type Gel Medium
Product Type Tin
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